2 CM+ Pencil
(Graphite Saving Pencil)

It is the pencil with 2 cm shorter lead from the bottom of the pencil. This will allow people to use all the mineral graphite in one pencil worthily. The shortest length of the pencil that people could handle is 2 cm, and the 2cm of lead became wasted. Why we wasted pencil since it’s valuable. The main part of the pencil lead is made ​​of graphite ore. If the consumption behavior using a pencil without appreciating still ongoing, the mineral graphite will be depleted faster. Moreover, It will also effect industries dependent on the mineral graphite such as automotive industry. Manufacturers may need to substitute other materials to replace mineral graphite which might come up with less quality. It may cause material remains in critical condition following. Shouldn’t we start caring and noticing the importance of graphite before start looking for other minerals? We invent “2 CM +” pencil under GREY RAY brand.