( Eco Eraser )

This eco eraser is made of recycled scallop shell from food industry in Hokkaido,Japan. It is totally nontoxic and safe for children.


This eraser reduce 50% Carbon-dioxide (Co2) comparing to other eraser's manufacturing process. 

Since 1996, In scallop seashell food industry in Hokkaido Japan, there is more than 540,000 tons of shell per year and 54% of those becomes a waste from industry.

In eraser, we have a substance called "Filler" which we can replace with scallop shell. We saw this as an opportunity to recycle.

The scallop shell made of Calcium Carbonate which can replace the filler. We made the scallop shell powder and mix with other natural ingredients.

This eraser contains non PVC, non perfume and made from 100% natural resources such as natural rubber, scallop shell powder, and oil. It is totally safe for your children.

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