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- The Darjeeling Hotel -

The Darjeeling Hotel is founded in 1914, its height from the sea level is 2,134 meters, and is surrounded by the Himalayas. The weather is cold all year round and always covered with thick fog. In the afternoon, you can sit and sip Darjeeling tea from the Happy Valley Tea Estate, which has a long history since 1854 while enjoying the view of Himalayan. At night, you can also enjoy the unseen night view from your room or hotel balcony.


To travel to the hotel, take a flight from Kolkata Airport to Bodrum. Then take the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway to Darjeeling at Ghum Train Station, the tallest station in India. Our hotel staff will pick you up at that point.


The Darjeeling Hotel is a hotel that follows Gandhi's philosophy,

“Love never claim, it ever gives." And our hotel values every details of the service we give to all the guests because the service is not just a job, it’s the love that we give without expecting anything in returns. 


The Darjeeling Hotel's stationery set is designed especially for you. Therefore, you are one of the chosen few who will possess the emblem of India's glory through this well-designed stationery.


Hope all of you have a memorable time with this stationery set.